Enjoy work in our buildings! Work in Business Class style in LUCHTRUIM, Eindhoven

 LUCHTRUIM is one of Merin’s boutique offices. LUCHTRUIM is the place where you enjoy going to work.

Luchtruim has spacious office floors, an espresso bar, a restaurant, conference facilities, a gym and private parking. As the name suggests, Luchtruim – which means ‘air space’ – is situated nearby Eindhoven Airport. This office and conference location is easily accessible by car and public transport. The bus that stops in front of the door offers fast and frequent service to the city.

 Healthy products

At LUCHTRUIM, you are welcome to good coffee, breakfast, a healthy lunch or a takeaway meal every day. We use fresh, healthy products. In addition to eating and drinking, the restaurant is also a place where you can receive clients and work. We are happy to cater business events, lunches and dinners, too.

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Flight Forum 126

5657 DD Eindhoven


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