Enjoy work in our buildings! Working and relaxing in BLAUW

Taste, work and exercise in BLAUW!

BLAUW on the Herven industrial estate in Den Bosch is a great place for working and relaxing alike! You can pull up a chair to the coffee table or lease your own office unit. Everyone is welcome to use the conference facilities on the ground floor.

 Feel the warmth of BLAUW

Retreat to the fireplace or seek out company in the restaurant. Every place is comfortable and cosy.

 Alert and fit

Blow off some steam in the gym or challenge yourself with with the help of a personal trainer. It is all possible at BLAUW!


Manon Hanegraaf is your hostess on behalf of Hutten:

‘I am here for you every day with delicious coffee and a fresh lunch. See you soon!’

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